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34 EKSUTH Staffs undergone Training Abroad

Thirty-four members of staff of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH) have undergone a five-day training to equip them for better service delivery.

The training, which was organised by JFC Training College, London, United Kingdom, was aimed at making the workers imbibe new techniques in handling patients and conforming with the basic international health and safety regulations. NG-[A_BA[MCLO_SHIR_ALLC]:MEN'S_SHIRT_300x250

In most of the health institutions in Nigeria, nurses, physiotherapists and doctors move patients in bed, wards and around the hospital manually, which poses problems to the staff and the patients.

Moving and handling patients requires techniques which would also reduce the rate at which doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other caregivers complain of backache while health workers should also be protected against infections.

A team of resource persons who are experts in the fields of health and social care, first aid health and safety among others took the EKSUTH workers through practical and theoretical aspects of handling patients in line with modern practices.

At the certificates presentation to the participants, Programme Facilitator, Prince Bisi Oyedele, described the performance of workers during the training as “fantastic.”

He said having undergone the training, EKSUTH workers are now competent to practise what they have learnt and urged the hospital management to provide them with equipment. The class governor of the participants, Dr. Taye Ige, thanked the management for organising the training, describing EKSUTH Chief Medical Director, Dr. Kolawole Ogundipe, as a “man of vision who stands by his words and a man who wants results.”

NG-[A_BA[MOBI_INNJ_ALLC]:INNJOO_300x250 Ige also extolled the virtues of the facilitator whom he described as “a good teacher and a man dedicated to knowledge.” Some staff said the training has empowered them and opened their eyes to the best new practices in handling patients. Dr. Emmanuel Toyin Adeleye of the Department of Internal Medicine said the training was all-encompassing and timely, noting that it has enriched their knowledge to add value to healthcare delivery.

He continued: “The training was all-encompassing; it’s like meeting the needs of the time, getting the participants abreast of what’s needed on patient management.

“This type of training is bringing us on the front page like other centres of excellence on patient management. It is beneficial to the community, to the hospital and to the workers.”

Mrs. Abimbola Aladete of the Department of Paediatrics said training was very interesting. She said it was packed with various teachings on health and support, legal implications on injuries that can be sustained by patients, moving and handling of patients by means of instruments not common in the country.

Mrs. Aladete said: “We have been here between Monday and Friday mornings and evenings. They are things we have known before but taking new shape makes us to see the programme as not tiring. “We learnt new techniques about first aid, essential treatment that can be given to people, even neighbours when faced with emergencies.

We are privileged to be part of this programme.” Programme Facilitator, Prince Oyedele, in a chat with The Nation said the skills and knowledge gained at the training would positively rub off on EKSUTH as participants are expected to share knowledge with co-workers. Oyedele said further: “It is not just about moving and handling patients around, we have international best practices on health and safety, first and both theory and practical aspects.

“This week has been so fantastic; you can see that they really need this in terms of their cooperation and patience in this class. “We have doctors, consultants, pharmacists, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians and virtually every department has been touched including security of environment of themselves and that of patients.” EKSUTH CMD, Dr. Ogundipe, said training and retraining of staff occupy a front burner in his development agenda for the health institution even though little resources are available in the state at present.

He said: “We appreciate the fact that we don’t have so much resources in Ekiti State but we admit that in terms of healthcare delivery, Ekiti State is better than many of these states that have resources.

“That is why we have put up this training, in some places, they have equipment but no manpower while in others they have manpower but no equipment.

“We are discussing with the governor and he is excited to make this hospital comply with the latest trends. We have also made calls to philanthropists home and abroad.

“Our aim is to ensure that all the staff are trained towards handling patients and those trained now will also help train others.

“We are able to ask for more people to be trained to so that the rest can benefit.”
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