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8 Top Engagement Rings Trends 2017: Definitely “Yes”!

The choice of the wedding ring is the most important step in wedding preparation. After all, she will wear her bride’s gown only once while the ring is worn throughout the whole life! Your task is to bedazzle her with this ring!

2017 dictates its fashion trends of weddings. Read this post carefully, and make the right choice!

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Combination of various metals

Still thinking what to choose: yellow gold, pink gold or platinum? Mix any metals you like in one product! Thanks to the interesting glitter of pink gold, any ordinary ring made of white precious metal will look modern and unusual.

Square shape

Wedding rings of this form do not only have an ideal shiny surface, but also are more comfortable, unlike traditional round rings.

Multi-Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are girl’s best friends – this fact has long been known. Therefore, the stones of unusual shades will allow you to stand out from the crowd without looking too pretentious.

For instance, ultra-modern chocolate or black diamond would be a choice of a bold and rebellious person!

Floral Accents

Wedding rings can be decorated with various flowers, petals, vines and other similar details that would give your ring the look of having been just brought from the garden. The diamond vine will add fancy touches to this female ring.

Color accents

If you are not ready to wear a ring with a large, colored stone, consider the option with small colored stones.

Fancy diamonds or sapphires, located on the side of the ring with a big diamond, will give it a bright and original look.


Vintage Design

The ring designed in the best vintage traditions of the Victorian style or Art Deco has every chance to become a family heirloom!

Black Gold

Rings made of black gold look unusual, bold and mysterious.

These non-trivial rings are very popular, and if you add a scattering of precious stones to such a ring you will definitely become one of a kind!


Rings with engravings have long been at the peak of popularity. This is not commonplace at all, because every couple has a certain date, a word or some symbol that they associate with their relationship.


There are so many things to be done before the wedding that bothering about how much the ring should cost and which brand to choose is too much. Simply follow fashionable tendencies, common sense and your own taste and you won’t be mistaken!



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