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An Open Letter to Mr. President : Entrepreneurial Solutions to the Oil and Gas Crisis in Nigeria – Quick Fix by Olubunmi Oluwadare

Dear Mr. President. Compliment of the season to you sir.

Sir, Please kindly look at the below stated entrepreneurial solutions to the perennial fuel scarcity in Nigeria, Sir i think it’s better and logistical to offer solution tips rather than blaming game.

Sir kindly look at the below stated entrepreneurial solution tips for your action:

1. Sir please kindly declares a State of emergency in Oil and Gas sector before December 31, 2017.
2. Dissolve NNPC board and the leadership with immediate effects .
3. Set up Presidential Action Team [PAT] on Oil and Gas with Alh Aliko Dangote as the chairman of the team,. The team should be 90% private and 10% government. No more acronym committee again-It doesn’t work.
4. Revoke all the Crude Oil refinery license already given to unserious companies immediately.
5. 10 modular refineries must be executed within 1 year with the time-line stated and published in at least 10 newspapers/online- Chinese modular refinery are cheaper and faster to assemble, most of them is already assemble, all they need to do is to ship them down – Public Private Partnership basis.

6. The 3 Nigeria refineries must be offer for sale preferably to the competent Russians or Chinese companies with local content affiliations.
7. Partnership with the Chinese oil transportation truck manufacturing company to start assembling plant in Nigeria with buy back guarantee for 40years hence we would have fuel transportation easy across Nigeria. Public Private partnership
8. Establish a new 5 super mega filling station in each state of the federation with at least 100 selling pump point on Public Private Partnership. 7 month project
9. Kick Start a subsidized 100 luxurious inter/intra city transportation buses for each state of the Federation/FCT on public private Partnership.- Innosson motors should be contracted for this.

To avoid civil servant/NNPC bureaucratic bottle neck, a presidential order must be given to the Action Team that supersedes any law or civil servant bureaucracy.

Huge fund must be allocated to action the timeline.

The above will create at least 100,000 jobs both direct and indirectly both during the project takeoff and when is ready.

The time line for actualization of the above stated projects should be 1 year – Allocate office for the team very close to your office in Aso-Rock.

Sir, Please kindly study UAE/Dubai action plan and you will definitely understands that civil servant bureaucracy is one of the virus killing projects hence the need to move away from the normal project execution patterns that have killed a lots of projects in Nigeria through bottle necks deliberately created by civil services working patterns.

Sir, I wish you good luck as you look deeply into the above stated entrepreneurial tips in other to have a lasting solution to the fuel crisis in Nigeria and also to create jobs.

Am willing to offer more of such tips in all the sectors of our economy in the nearest future.
Happy Holiday Mr.President.

Best Regards
Olubunmi Oluwadare
National Head
Africa’s young entrepreneurs [A.Y.E]
Lagos, Nigeria

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