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BREAKING NEWS! Ekiti Deputy Speaker Has Been Impeached.

The Deputy Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Segun Adewumi, has been impeached

He was impeached through the instigation of Governor Ayodele Fayose, who accused Adewumi and other five members of hobnobbing with the opposition.

It was gathered that members of the House of Assembly have been living in abject poverty since their inauguration, forcing the members on several occasions to complain to the governor on their dwindling popularity back home on account of financial squeeze to take care of their constituents.

It was also gathered that while members grumble among themselves over shabby treatment meted to them by the governor, there are also governor’s stooges within their ranks who always leak members’ complaints to the governor, thus making the fight to get their dues difficult.

“There is one particular outspoken member who will speak glowingly of the governor in the media, but he suffers silently and later complains bitterly among his friends but will also be the one to prove to the governor that he is his loyalist.

“Whatever members do or say in complaint to get their dues from the governor, this particular lawmaker, who would have actively participated in anti-Fayose comments, will be the one that will leak his colleagues’ comments to the governor and others instantly become the enemies to the governor.

“If you study the current travails of the ousted Deputy Speaker, you will come to the conclusion that he is a victim of betrayal over collective suffering among his colleagues.”

It was also gathered that Fayose is not taking any move against him lightly, as he faces problems over how he managed the bailout given to him by the Federal Government.

“Fayose regularly travels to Abuja nowadays to trash out irregularities discovered on how he mismanaged the bailout cash.

“As a result, any move by the Assembly members that he sees as a threat to his seat is ruthlessly dealt with. The current case in the Assembly that claimed the Deputy Speaker’s seat cannot be an exception.”

Source: The Monitor

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