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Commissioner (Kehinde Odebunmi) Inspects Abattoir in Ado Ekiti

Commissioner (Kehinde Odebunmi) Inspects Abattoir in Ado Ekiti
This report was Sent in By: Debola Akingbade From Ado Ekiti

The Ekiti State Commissioner for Agriculture, and Rural Development, Hon Kehinde Odebunmi on Tuesday 14th of July, 2015 went on infrastructural inspection and assessment tour of the cattle market and Abattoir at Ilokun, in Ado Ekiti.

The commissioner who was accompanied and conducted round the facilities by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Engr. Abegunde, visited the Slaughter House to assess the farm and to have first-hand information of the facilities with a view of ascertaining the condition of farm.

While being conducted round the facilities, Hon Odebunmi was embittered at the dilapidated state of the facilities, and frowned at the lack of maintenance culture displayed by the butchers.

He wondered why previous administrations did not take necessary steps to prevent the deterioration of the facilities. Hon Kehinde Odebunmi said the immediate past administration did nothing to restructure, uplift the abattoir and save it from total collapse.

He said; “What I am seeing here is saddening. It is pathetic, and shameful that, what should have been prioritized and fixed by the immediate past administration were left undone.

“The Abattoir is in total mess, the hygiene level is very low, things must be done right. “The reason this abattoir was built by Governor Fayose in his first term was for Ekiti People to have access to improved and well processed beef with good hygiene.

“Government is looking at best possible ways of resuscitating these facilities, and one of the best ways is to allow private partnership.

He said Government is considering a Public Private Partnership arrangement to reposition the farm, and generate more revenue to the state’s coffer through the

“The Public Private Partnership arrangement would be a stitch in time that saves nine. It would ensure the participation of private investors, that would ensure the turn around of the facilities, maintain the farms, ensure very good hygiene, and be a source of revenue generation for the state.

“This administration, under the leadership of the people’s governor would do everything possible to improve the standard of living of the good people of Ekiti.” Hon. Kehinde Odebunmi said.

The Director of Veterinary, Dr Oluwole Ojo who is also the head of the unit said all the pleas, made by the ministry to the immediate past administration to rehabilitate the facilities fell on its deaf ear.

He strongly advised that the abattoir
and cattle market should be urgently
rehabilitated to avoid its total collapse. Reacting to the clarion call made by the Director, Hon Kehinde Odebunmi said the administration of Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose is poised at repositioning the mispositioned.

He said the best way of rehabilitating the facilities would be looked into by this administration. He however promised to urgently expound the situation to Mr. Governor.

The Abattoir and the Cattle Market were built towards the tail end of the Governor
Peter Ayodele Fayose’s administration in
2005/2006. Amongst the vividly seen structures that have caved in were weak foundation, failed slaughter slabs, failed structures, and inoperable Generating set.

Sent in By: Debola Akingbade From Ado Ekiti

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