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Corruption in Islam Part 3 – Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou

This post is compiled and written by State Amiru Ulamou (commander for Muslim and Alfas in Ekiti)
Introduce a way you can behave in the country or in the state and in the society, to know that this is your generation. So many generation has pass that you can not say what has happened there unless you are there.
Look at how too much of love creates corruption in the country. Please and please don’t let anything to corrupt you.

The only thing that God need from us is to believe him, God did not expect love from anybody, he don’t want anybody to corrupt him/herself.

Too much of love can make you take a beautiful stone to appeal God or anything beautiful you can take it to appeal God.

Look at prophet (Abraham) as at that time, there is nothing called God but he has too much of love in his heart as he sees the sun and he said this is God another day he saw a moon and he said this is God. He start to corrupt himself due to too much of love. God told him to stop corrupting himself.
Look at Nigeria citizens, when we move away from God and we turn to our leaders due to too much of love, we will create corruption for ourselves.

We corrupt ourselves for(Sagari) his generation Pass, we corrupt ourselves for (OBJ) his generation pass, we 12552699_176791796009618_8984171117553032055_ncorrupt ourselves for (GEJ) his generation pass, we corrupt ourselves for (woo) the meaning of woo in Youruba language is somebody that we are make jess of, that you start laughing at. Let us wake up and pray for any leaders we have, we should remove too much of love for our leaders. So they can believe God, having believe in God is the best and we can understand ourselves.

My people we can’t abuse anybody in the country because in the beginning of our generation. Lets look at five son of prophet Adam, they corrupt from the too much of love people have for them.

The first son is(WAD)
The second son is(SUWAH)
The third son is(yawuk)
The fourth son is(yakuso)
The fifth son is(nasoro)

All the children died finish, Satan came and introduce himself to us and that is how we corrupt ourselves from them.
My people now we can correct ourselves from too much of prosecution and investigation that can turn the country into corruption.

Look at the bible there is one language there, But out of hundred people you can see ten languages.

For more information contact Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou (commander for Muslim and Alfas in Ekiti)
Location address: No 29,Osupaadini Street Ekute Quarters Ado Ekiti.
Call me on+2348038348873 or08052084194. Part 4 we be out soon by January 1, 2016

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