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Corruption in Islam Part 1

This Post was written by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou (Osupa Adinni). Tel:- 08038348873
Don’t use yourself as the enemy of yourself because of the people around you. Prophet Adam did it but he didn’t make it. That is why I will tell you my people that the post of Imam is not the head of Muslim. So people of nowadays use the name of Imam to arrange them self.
They use the name of Alfa and Imam to prove them self as a leader. Is not like that if you call yourself a leader. You are a leader of your own society. As prophet Adam prove himself as (Mr nobody). Allah give him the booklet of all the prophet. When prophet Adam was about to die there was no other prophet at that time.

Then he took the booklet inside box and bury it. When prophet Adam die angel come to his buried day. That is the first day that angel will move with leg. The angel said everybody should line up and pray with Adam’s dead body.

They think that the angel will stand in front of them as Imam to pray to Adam’s dead body but the angel don’t, then angel called the name of Adam’s son (Sheitu) to lead them in prayer. Four prayers is for dead body but he prayed Twenty-five prayers). It was when he start praying the twenty-fifth prayer that he was call the Imam. The angel told Adam’s son that five prayer out of twenty-five prayer is the prayer for the dead while the remaining twenty prayer left is for your father that is bigger than anybody.

That is the first day that someone stand as Imam. Prophet Sheitu was an Alfa and a Prophet then he turn to Imam so the post of Alfa is more bigger than Imam. Imam cannot use the name of Alfa in this society unless we co operate together. Why is it that Alfa didn’t have recognition in the society unless Imam.

Meaning of Amiru Ulamou is the commandder for Muslims and Alfas in Ekiti State.
From Osupaadini the Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou.
Tel:- +2348038348873 or +2348052084194 or +2348025210547

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