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Corruption in lslam Part 2

This Post was written by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou (Osupa Adinni). Tel:- 08038348873
Too much of love turn to Corruption.
12552699_176791796009618_8984171117553032055_nDon’t corrupt yourself because of your country or because of your state. lf you think well you cannot corrupt yourself because of your religion lf you are in any position today don’t let your post to corrupt you because a bigger today can be no where to be found tomorrow `think well and don’t corrupt yourself.

Look at prophet Adam at the time when He was alive every body were worshiping him as the first person to introduce a way to see God. So they belief him more than God because he is the only one they see? Look at what the too much of Love turn him to. As the time prophet Adam died, there is no anything call a[mass].

For the too much of Love of prophet Adam,they started worship five of his sons. The first name of his sons is the one they worship after prophet Adam death the first one is called(WAD), the second one is called(SUWAH), the third one is called(YAWUK).

My people this is part 2 of corruption In lslam. For more lnformation. Call these 2348038348873 2348052084194. Part 3 coming soon.
From Osupaadini the Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou.
Tel:- +2348038348873 or +2348052084194 or +2348025210547

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