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Introducing “The Ekiti Future Awards”

The Ekiti Future Awards is aimed at celebrating and rewarding authentic role models who have made outstanding achievement in their chosen profession at home and in diaspora. The program is born out of the passion to spring up entrepreneurship skills in Ekiti and bring back the glory of Ekiti as …

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Ekiti Govt to Boost Science Education

Ekiti State Government has re-emphasized its resolve to boost science education in its schools by ensuring that science and other core-subjects teachers who are critical stakeholders in achieving this goal are properly motivated and also giving intensive capacity building through training and re-training programmes to improve their performance. The Deputy …

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Why Ekiti leads in cannabis cultivation

Why Ekiti leads in cannabis cultivation Hidden deep inside the forest, without any discernible route, somewhere in the sleepy town of Ogotun-Ekiti, Ekiti South-West Local Government Area, is a plantation of a dangerous plant, cannabis sativa, also known as indian hemp. Cannabis sativa is reputed with many aliases which are: …

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MUST READ!!! Revised Governance in Ekiti

To most indigenes and non-indigenes residing in Ekiti State, the appellation ”Fountain of Knowledge” is apt considering her array of developed manpower necessary for the 21st century sojourn. I could remember my year in a .......

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Situations of Public Schools in Ekiti (PHOTOS)

Situations of Public Schools in Ekiti (PHOTOS) Take a tour of primary and secondary schools in Ekiti State. Starting from Ado-Ekiti, the capital, to Iworoko, Ifaki, Oye, Ido, other towns on the northern side; veer to Iyin, Igede, Aramoko and others on the central axis and concluded your trip with …

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Situation of Fajuyi Park -Ado Ekiti

fajjuyi park

Situation of Fajuyi Park -Ado Ekiti It was Tuesday, and time was 11: 03am. The sun baked the earth so intensely that body and soul. It was a hot day. The reporter was at the front gate of the popular Adekunle Fajuyi Memorial Park, at the centre of Ado-Ekiti metropolis, …

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Ekiti247 Launches U-report

Ekiti247 Launches U-report Good day to all our readers and follower on this news Blog (EKITI247). Thanks for being part of this success so far. One of the major Vision of this platform is to reach out to all people of Ekiti State both indigene and non-indigene, young and old, …

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Ekiti and “Agbero” Politics

Ekiti and “Agbero” Politics A popular Yoruba proverb says it is weird to find oil in a place where you expect water. This proverb succinctly captures the reaction of many Nigerians when Ayodele Fayose emerged as the governor of the “Fountain of knowledge” state for the second time in 2014. …

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READ THIS: Causes of Political Trouble in Ekiti


READ THIS: Causes of Political Trouble in Ekiti For several months before the March 28/29 elections, nineteen members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly could not perform the duties for which they were elected. Despite the 19 being in the majority and are also of the All Progressives Congress …

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