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Ekiti 2018 : APC Will Take Over Power – Adebayo Orire

An All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant in Ekiti State, Dr. Adebayo Orire, has described his party as the hope of the people and the answer to their problems.

Orire made this assertion in an interview with The Nation in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital. He said the 2018 governorship poll will give the people of Ekiti an opportunity to change what he called “bad governance that has been going on for over two years now.”

The medical practitioner-turned politician said he was offering himself for service because he had lived in the state and understood the psychology of an average Ekiti man. Besides, he said he has always been a loyal party man, who understood the manifesto of the party.

He said the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has traumatised and impoverished the people of with bad governance.

Orire, who hails from Ikoro Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area, Central Senatorial District, said the increasing number of aspirants jostling for the APC ticket is a positive development for the party.

This, he said, would afford members of the party and the electorates the opportunity to make their choice. He added: “They should know that the choice they make will make or mar the state in the next four years.”

Orire blamed what he described as the wrong choice of leaders for the state’s current economic woes, lamentating that the state could not fully realise its potentials. He said the state is bleeding politically and economically under the PDP rule and that he has come to halt the trend.

He said: “We have eaten our yam set, instead of planting them and that is why Ekiti has remained undeveloped, impoverished and stunted in many aspects, because we have chosen wrong leaders severally.

“We have had a lot of political misdemeanor, imbroglio and uprising; we have developed a negative side of politics instead of the positive side of life. In all parties in Ekiti State, we have not been able to develop sustainable leadership.

“What Ekiti needs now by consensus is somebody who has lived with them and shares their problems and aspirations; somebody who understands their body language and semantics and somebody who has proven openly to them that he is responsible and productive.

“Ekiti people need somebody they have studied for the past five to 10 years. Somebody they know that will be able to cater to their needs. Somebody they had seen how he made his money honestly and had spent it honestly among them.

“Somebody whose destiny is tied to Ekiti; somebody they can actually vouch for his emotion and maturity at handling issues and somebody who can wash off the shame that Ekiti has been put through and somebody who can redeem the image of Ekiti.

“We need an urbane, serene, cool-headed, intelligent, humble and brilliant person who can bridge the gap between the high and the low, home and abroad, the good and the bad.

“We do not need impromptu leaders who just run down because he wants to vie for governorship; we do not need people who want to come and buy off the post. Our party leaders need to put on the cap of neutrality and genuine love for Ekiti people and choose wisely.”

Orire added: “We must recognise that the future of Ekiti, that of our children and our children’s children is at stake. The APC is the hope of Ekiti people; the APC is the answer to their problems, because the PDP has traumatised them.

“There is hunger in the land; stomach infrastructure has turned to stomach infraction and the hunger in the land is epitomised by civil servants stealing pots of soup to feed their children.

“Thuggery has yielded them evil, the bravado has failed and eating boli (roasted plantain) and epa (groundnut) on the streets has not translated to the good life the people expected. Everybody has known that it is all lies.

“Everybody has known that the PDP has failed Ekiti, debased Ekiti and diminished Ekiti. The teachers are now more informed, with six months unpaid arrears of salaries, despite several financial lifelines in billions of naira received from the APC-led Federal Government, in addition to normal monthly allocations.

“Local government workers are no more deceived now that they know that their welfare is not paramount to the irumole (ghost) that eats the bailout. Civil servants are groaning, the PDP is fragmented and confused.

“The APC is the answer and we are ready to make Ekiti good by way of heavy and intensive industrialisation, extensive mechanised farming and a reborn Ekiti spirit of honour and virtue under my leadership by the grace of God.”

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