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Ekiti Gov Election

Ekiti State governorship election has come and gone but is it indeed a new dawn for the Ekiti people ? The pattern of voting showed the people are grossly dissatisfied with the system of governance of the incumbent , Governor Ayo Fayose . A continuity of such poverty – ridden system automatically implies deliberate refusal to be liberated from captivity of the highest order. A hungry man is an angry man . Nobody will be happy demonstrating loyalty through voting on an empty stomach .

Governor Fayose committed a technical error . He ought to have moved heaven by paying at least one month salary out of the backlog of arrears before and within the election week . That would have been a better and more acceptable option to crediting the account of the electorate with the prime motive of influencing their decision .

For the relative peaceful conduct during and after the election, I am happy to be identified with Ekiti State not necessarily because I am a non – resident indigene of the state but because success achieved in Ekiti State election will for long remain a reference point in the country . This will be the first time election took place in Ekiti with /without isolated cases of violence and malpractices .

Contrary to the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party , Chief Uche Secondus ’ s fear or threat , 2019 election will not only hold but go on well .
This write – up will be deficient in quality without mentioning the issue of money inducement and vote – buying during the election . It is indeed one of the displays of immaturity in our relatively young democratic process. I am of the opinion that money exchanging hands in Ekiti State election was nothing different from “ if it is on the influence of money, you will meet us there ”. It then became a case of who has a more superior money influencing power .

As we gradually advance in our democratic experiment however , the impact of money politics will either fade away or reduced to the barest minimum.
Matthew Adeleye,
Ota , Ogun State

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