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Ekiti guber: APC will Celebrate PDP’s Death on July 14 – Lawmaker

Minority Leader of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon. Gboyega Aribisogan has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will celebrate the death of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state come July 14 this year.

The APC lawmaker, while speaking with DAILY POST after a meeting with the leadership of the APC in Ijesa Isu Ekiti in Ikole Local government area of Ekiti state on Tuesday, said the PDP is like a bedridden patient without hope of survival, that will soon die as a result of self-inflicted injuries.

According to him, “the PDP is like a walking patient that is roaming the streets with severe injury and diseases, no amount of analgesics or miracle can save it from passing out on July 14. Ekiti people have resolved to stop the hyena and its unborn jackal from roaming the streets as from July. They have resolved to bring back honour, integrity and selfless service to the state. They have decided to stop the hunger , deprivations and pestilence the PDP has brought to Ekiti in the last four years. No amount of propaganda or gerrymandering can change the wind of change that is currently blowing. The APC is the alternative government now in Ekiti and it will become a full-fledged government in October this year.”

Aribisogan described the PDP candidate, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, as a subservient boot-licker who cannot operate without his master, stressing that, “Fortunately, Ekiti people have said that they cannot accept Prof. Olusola Eleka ,the PDP candidate, because he is a well known boot-licker, a subservient cringer who will perpetually dance to whims and caprices of Ayo Fayose, a depraved and deranged dictator whose four years of misrule has brought poverty and penury upon our people.”

The lawmaker accused the PDP of running a government of deceit and brigandage that had not only reduced the people to beggars, but had devalued their humanness, adding that a sane society like Ekiti will never want a continuation of such a government.

“No sane society will continue with the current perfidy and brigandage of Ayo Fayose and his gang. The PDP chose a wrong campaign message of Continuity. Ekiti people cannot continue with non payment of salaries, malicious demolition of people’s property, dehumanisation of workers and pensioners, lack of promotion for teachers, neglect of the elderly people, desecration of traditional institutions, lack of employment for our youth
and empowerment of our women”

We cannot continue with periodic distribution of two cups of rice, Cheese balls and four yards of Ankara cloths.

“We need a new lease of life, economic growth and industrialization. We need
a new template for our future development but not with questionable characters like Fayose and his Ajantala son, a professor of building, who has refused to build confidence in us”.
He called on Ekiti people to tell Ayo Fayose and his music orchestra that the jamboree is over and that the funeral service for the PDP will be held on July 14.


  1. Its a ballatant lie to say APC will takeover ekiti state.


  2. The great man with great success can only rules the Era of rigging I are over,if campaign that abuja will announce me even if ekiti didn't vote me


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