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Ekiti incident appalling – Atiku

A former Vice President of Nigeria , Atiku Abubakar , says he is appalled at the images coming out of Ekiti State in the last few hours .
Atiku said in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday that behaviours such as experienced in Ekiti were an uncivil assault on democracy and falls short of democratic best practices .

The Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant said that the current administration came into being because the preceding PDP Federal Government ensured free and fair elections at all levels .
He said , “Having been a beneficiary of such propriety , it is incumbent on the Federal Government not to deprive others of the ladder it was provided by its predecessors .

“ Free , fair and credible elections are not a privilege . They are a right ! The peaceful congregating of the good people of Ekiti State , be they members of the All Progressives Congress or the Peoples Democratic Party or of any other party , must be allowed by the Federal Government. ”

Atiku observed that it was not in the place of the government to harass, intimidate , hound and humiliate political opponents in an election .
He said what government should do was to provide a level playing ground and guarantee the security of the electorate and the principal political actors in the election .

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