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Ekiti Must Look Beyond Federal Allocation – Amb Ayodeji Ayodele

A former Nigerian envoy to Greece and chieftain of Mega Progressive Peoples Party, Ambassador Ayodeji Ayodele, has decried the dependence of Ekiti State and many others on federal allocation for their economic survival and suggested the development of the agricultural sector for the sustenance of the state’s economy.

Ambassador Ayodele said while addressing the executive and members of Mega Progressive Peoples Party in Ado Ekiti, that Ekiti State had the potential to sustain its economy without relying on just federal allocation to ensure good governance.
He said “Ekiti does not have oil but we have fertile land for farming, which can give us better chance to compete with any other state. There is dignity in hard work to sustain yourself.”
Ayodele, who was conducting a tour of some council areas in the state, said development of agriculture was a sure way of lifting Ekiti out of its current poor economic state, addressing poverty among the populace and set the state on the path of prosperity.
He told the people that he was aspiring to govern Ekiti State on the platform of Mega Party of Nigeria and said he was aspiring to bring a government that would truly care for the generality of the people, especially the youth and the aged “and to reduce the effect of attendant poverty in the land.”
He charged the people to elect a candidate he said would govern the state with integrity, saying only Mega Party of Nigeria had such persons in its fold.
He called for support for the party in the July 14 election.

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