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Fayose Needs to Apologize to Ekiti PDP… PDP Chieftain Prof. Tunde Adeniran Blows Hot

Former minister, and once candidate for PDP national chairman tells Fayose to apologise to Ekiti PDP members.

I’m a professor and I have garner much experience than Governor Fayose I think in everything I’m far knowledgeable than him so I can advise him like a father to son..

I’m not thinking FAYOSE is foolish or stupid but I only sense he’s power drunk and he’s intoxicated by power, position and money. He is not an under age so that’s not the excuse for now..

Prof Adeniran said the way Fayose is playing pranks on several souls in Ekiti particularly Ekiti PDP members baffled me but will never transfigure me to a ragamuffin rather I’ll exercise my role by advising the character called governor before he ruin our party in Ekiti.

Can we derive common goal in diversity, can FAYOSE/ELEKA interest supersede the unity of our dear party..

Sincerely this can never come to pass.
I don’t need his apology personally though he’s a fool as regards my own mandate he sold for ignorance personal interest. My person don’t count on that.
I’m only after the unity of my party in Ekiti state which can’t be achieve in the way FAYOSE is piloting the affairs of the party..

Prof Adeniran registered dismay on how the party failed to have a solid state executives to direct the activities of the party despite preparing for gubernatorial election in the next few month..

If we won’t suffer set back or witness diversity, Fayose needs to apologize to PDP members in Ekiti for all his wrong acts. Imposition everywhere, assaulting PDP political appointees and members, suspending of elected members unnecessarily and illegally, deprivation of rights and among others

Prof Adeniran said if FAYOSE refused to honour my letter and tender apology to party in order to proffer panacea to the current lacuna within the party I’ll remain resolute till the repercussions is out..

If his advisers have no integrity to put his feet on the right path..we will take the responsibility on ourselves as the party elders in Ekiti state..

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  1. Professor it is wrong move to think anyone can win election in Ekiti without Fayose support. Election can not be won in Ekiti from Abuja. The way Fayose is playing his politics in Ekiti clearly shows that he knows politics. His focus is on people that can help him win election

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