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Fundamental Human Right – Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou

As we know that Nigeria is not a Muslim country but is a religious country.

All the leaders in the country must portray themselve as a religious leaders because we must follow the protocol of religion as God said. The dead are the ones that say there is no rule of law of both religion.
Ekiti state amiru ulamou
Some people are alive then and they later died, no matter how small their sin is God said there is judgment on it.

That is why you can not judge anybody as you like unless you follow the rule of law.

All lovers of Nigerian let us forget hand-to-hand judgment and let put all the judgment on to God hands.

Moreover, that your leader may not be a governor or any position to be a leader to you let us follow how the lord sent him.

From Alhaji Osupaadini (The Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou Commander for all Muslim and Alfas in Ekiti).
For more information call: +2348038348873 or +2348052084194. Email address is ekitistateamiru@gmail.com

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