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GUYS: See 6 Useful Tips To Last Longer In Bed

One’s romantic desires are always at peak when one is in the mood for s3x and it can be very frustrating if the mind and body are not in sync to help out with the desire you want then that night of intense s3x, passion and love you want will do down the drain. There are times when the body is weak and tired to get to the level of satisfaction you crave and this will become an issue for you and your partner especially when it happens regularly which is why you need to be well geared up before hitting the bed in order to spice things up beneath the sheets.

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Lasting longer in bed is not only satisfying, but it has other benefits attached to it, it is improves intimacy with your partner, connects and bond you more both physically and emotionally which makes lasting long in bed a win-win situation for you.

An early orgasm is absolutely not a pretty way to end a romantic night with your woman, so guys, below are some things you can try to help you last longer in bed and spice things up with your partner.

Have a slow start: “There is a lot that you can do before you get down to s3x, so don’t ever underestimate the importance of romance, include some romantic gestures in your repertoire to set the mood right, a slow start can keep the desires within you burning and help make the build-up to the orgasm just as pleasurable and a lot more memorable”.

Start with slow passionate kisses: “Then try to hold on to that moment a little longer, there’s nothing more passionate than kissing and once you get those sparks going there should be no turning back but a kiss doesn’t mean that you need to just stay glued to each other’s lips, the cheeks, ears and the face all deserve a peck and more soft bites on the ears and neck can also do wonders, the trick is to find the most sensitive area of your partner as a bite on the shoulder, near the armpit, or kissing your woman’s inner thigh and other small gestures can help keep the flames soaring”.

Get creative: “Foreplay is extremely important to s3xual satisfaction and is often the most neglected aspect when it comes to men spend some time with your partner, exploring each other and keep in mind that even though s3x is often treated as a purely physical act, it has a deep emotional quotient too so a gentle touch or caress can be a lot more powerful than penetration, this will help you bond better emotionally and also help you to connect better physically, not only to delay your orgasm but also to experience an epic one”.

Talk and laugh: “Intense romance needs stimulation of all your important senses so once you have established a bond with your partner through touch, talk; rather whisper in your partner’s ears, while dirty talk can be great and can give your partner an ego boost, don’t shy away from talking about your feelings as well as these little pep-talks can keep you in the mood and in sync with your romantic desires till you get to the final act”.

Avoid stress: Performance anxiety can at times be a dampener, it is stress that makes you go weak in the mind and keeps you from putting your best foot forward, even when you are in bed if you have the slightest doubt that you aren’t able to match up to your partner’s expectations, stop and breathe, clear your mind and get rid of any thoughts that could affect the act”.

Go slow: Speed is of the essence, but not when you are in bed and want to last longer, ever heard the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’? That saying holds true, especially under the sheets, when you reach the final act, ensure that you are in total control of your movements.

If you feel you are reaching an orgasm too soon, slow down have total control over your strokes and while making love don’t just focus on the thrusts, but slow down and enjoy the physical connection it will help you sustain the mood for longer and approach orgasm a little later”.

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