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I Won’t Undermine the Party — Fayose

“When I contested in 2014, I won in 158 wards. No matter how mad a dog is, anytime it sees its owner, it will wag its tail. I am the landlord to APC in Ekiti. I am their master and I will defeat them any time, any day.

“Though I am for Olusola in the primary, I want the other aspirants to be comfortable, the ultimate is to defeat APC in Ekiti and Nigeria any party operating that cannot.

“I will not do anything that would undermine this process, the party, and aspirants. In a matter like this, there will be many interests. I am for Olusola but whosoever that wins the primary I will stand by that person.

“I won’t behave like the mother of the biblical twins who killed her own child. If the other aspirants are not comfortable with my coming to the primaries I won’t come. If you lose and the process is transparent you should support the party.”

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