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Introducing Affordable 4G Internet Connection


4g_iconSmile delivers affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use broadband internet access and communications services to its customers across Nigeria and Africa.

Smile was founded in 2007, Smile sources the best technology available in order to create the innovative solutions required to provide world-class, yet cost-effective, communications services across Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
With Smile, you can manage your own account through your personalized MySmile portal.

Smile launched Africa’s first 4G LTE broadband internet service in Tanzania, in March 2012.

Smile Superfast 4G LTE internet service is affordable, high quality and reliable.

Smile has a variety of packages to choose from and whether you need single- or multi-user access, all of our devices are simple to use.

In terms of data bundle, Smile’s offering is simple. Smile customers only pay for what they use. Smile offers a variety of data bundles designed to suit every type of user.

Smile lets you move between packages when it suits you. And, when you’re almost out of airtime, you’ll receive a notification so you can recharge before you run out.

Below are the affordable data bundles of Smile.

Buy as much data as you need, when you need it. All prices are VAT-inclusive.

Smile Anytime Bundles Validity Period  Bundle Price in ₦ Out-of-Bundle Rate in ₦
200GB 12 months 135,000 675 per GB
100GB 12 months 70,000 700 per GB
50GB 12 months 36,000 720 per GB
20GB 12 months 17,000 850 per GB
10GB 12 months 9,000 900 per GB
5GB 30 days 5,500 1,100 per GB
3GB 30 days 4,000 1,334 per GB
1GB 30 days 1,800 1,800 per GB
500MB 30 days 1,500 3,000 per GB
PPU (Pay-Per-Use) Not applicable Not applicable 3,000 per GB
Smile@home Night and Weekend Bundles Validity Period Bundle Price in ₦ Out-of-Bundle Rate in ₦
20GB 30 days 14,000 700 per GB
10GB 30 days 7,500 750 per GB
5GB 30 days 4,000 800 per GB
Smile Packages Package Includes Package Price in ₦
Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack One Wi-Fi router + one SIM  + 10GB data                  23,000
SMiFi Router Starter Pack One SMiFi router + one SIM + 5GB data                  16,000
SIM Only Starter Pack One SIM + 2GB data                  2,300

Other Smile products include:


SMifiIs a portable device which allows you to take your superfast internet with you everywhere you go.

Features include:

  • Multiple users
  • Pocket-sized
  • Up to 10-hours battery life
  • Use SMifi with any handset, laptop or device that is Wi-Fi enabled

NOTE: Smile is offering a 10% discount of SMifi if you are a worker CLICK HERE to Know More


router_lIt allows you to stay connected to superfast internet.

Features of Smile Router include:


  • Devices available to suit home or small to medium enterprises
  • Multi-user connectivity
  • Superior LTE signal reception
  • Block websites using inbuilt URL/web filters

To get started visit Smile at www.smile.com.ng

For more info Visit Smile:

Head Office

39c Ahmed Onibudo Street

Off Adeola Hopewell

Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: +234 (0) 145 43 318

Email: info@smile.com.ng

Email: customercare@smile.com.ng

Skype: smileng-customercare

Facebook: http://facebook.com/SmileCommunicationsNigeria

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SmileComsNg


Regional Office

99 old Lagos Road,

Challenge Ibadan.


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