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Man United vs Chelsea | Drop Your Predictions Now and Win N3,000

Chelsea are the Premier League meat in Sky’s Super Sunday sandwich, with Crystal Palace vs. Spurs the bottom bun, Conte vs. Mourinho the protein-filled lifesource in the middle, and the League Cup final between Manchester City and Arsenal the fancy topping on the top. Sky are obviously hoping that this will all add up to gourmet experience, but there’s every chance that the bottom will get all soggy and mushy, that the meat will be overcooked and tasteless, and that all the toppings will be fancy in name but will end up dominated by the Sky Blue aioli of oily bitterness.

Date: Februaray 25, 2018
Time: 3:05pm
Stadium: Old Trafford

We’ve got N3,000 each for 2 lucky winners with correct predictions.
Please drop your predictions in the comment section below and win now!!!


  1. Drop your comment with your real name & Phone number
  2. Drop the Correct Score.
  3. Mention a player from any of the Team that will score during the match.
  4. Give us one reason to support your prediction.
  5. Drop your Predictions latest 1 hour before the match

Babatunde Ganiyu, 08054231456
Everton 3 – Manchester United 2
Lukaku will score for Manchester United

Rooney will have his way through because Everton was is Old club.

Please make sure your reason are good enough to support your predictions.
Goodluck to you all.

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  1. Ayoola Tayo, 08100535019. Manchester United 0- Chelsea 0, both team will not want to loose the game


  2. Chelsea to win
    hazard to score
    I’m choosing him because he performs against big teams

  3. Adetayo Awe, 07030104362 Manchester United 1 - 1 Chelsea Lukaku will score for Manchester United


  4. Man u 1 2 Chelsea

  5. Man u 0-2 Chelsea, wen u see Chelsea squad there ar in form than man u squad who are injury pron.


  6. Man u 0-2 Chelsea, weliam to score, Chelsea ar more inform than man u who are injury pron, mosesemmanuel35@gmail.com

  7. Mosesemmanuel35@gmail.com, man u 0-2 Chelsea, William to score, 08161840787, Chelsea are more in form than man u whose squad are injury pron….

  8. Manu 2 - 1 chelsea. Lukaku.... 08133662657


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