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OUTSIDE EKITI! Majek Fashek Denies Drug Stories About Him,Talks About Upcoming Projects

Veteran musician, Majek Fashek has debunked claims that he has relapsed and is back to using illicit substances and said instead that he has been busy working on his upcoming album.

Majek Fashek, who is popular for his hit single, Send down the rain, said that he has not relapsed, instead he is in the UK, working on his album.

“I am currently in London working on my album. Sammie Okposo was with us during the week, he made some positive comments about my work and I. The stories flying about me are false, I love my fans, I love Africa and anybody is free to say anything they like about me. God will help Nigeria and I will come back to support everyone.”

According to his music business consultant, Omenka Uzoma, who shed light on the musician’s health, Majek has indeed been in the studio working tirelessly on his album.

“Majek is here in London working on his album to please his fans. You spoke with Majek and you see that he is fine. He is in London and people can watch him on some channels on YouTube.

According to the false report about Majek, they said he misbehaved on stage but AY show was one of his best performances so far. It is on YouTube. Every artiste differs in their level of creativity. I was the one that signalled to Majek Fashek to remove his shirt on stage.

Majek did not misbehave on stage, he entertained the crowd and went straight to his room. Tuface, Sound Sultan went to his room to chat with him.

“We had to bounce a lot of people because about 25 people wanted to enter his room with him. AY calls me regularly to thank us for Majek Fashek’s performance during his show. Majek is here working in the studio in London.

Even when we arrived in the UK, some television stations came to welcome us at the airport.

Why is it that people like to condemn? Majek is doing very fine, he has his house in England, he has work permit, his song, ‘Send Down The Rain’, was made here.

“We entered the studio during the week and under an hour, he had made a song, the producer was very shocked. Things can happen to anybody, anybody can fall, but do not capitalise on that. Let them talk but no one can stop God. We did about five tracks before leaving Nigeria after the single with Tuface. We would do another five tracks in London, then have a song with one of Bob Marley’s brothers,” he concluded
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