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Pharmacist council seals 236 stores in Ekiti

Pharmacist council seals 236 stores in Ekiti
Pharmacy Council of Nigeria, PCN, has sealed 236 pharmacies and medicine stores in Ekiti State for offences including unauthorised sale of medicines, operating without the supervision of a pharmacist and poor storage and documentation facilities.

The PCN Deputy Director and Head of Enforcement, Pharmacist Stephen Esumobi, said the step was necessary to safeguard the health of the Nigerian citizens by ensuring compliance to rules particularly on proper registration.

Esumobi told journalists in Ado Ekiti at the weekend that the increasing number of illegal drug dealers in Ekiti was alarming.

According to him, out of 240 premises visited during an enforcement raid, only four were given a clean bill, a development which he described as dangerous and inimical to the people’s well-being.

He said: “Our office received reports of the activities of unregistered premises engaging in illegal sale of medicines in Ekiti. Since many of them were not recommended for the sale of medicines, the quality, safety and efficacy of drugs sourced from them cannot be guaranteed.

“Even some of the registered premises were selling beyond their apNANproved list. Some keep stocks in a manner that violates laid down rules and regulations to the detriment of the citizens. If the ugly trend is allowed to continue, it will have negative impact on the citizens. What we did was attempt to reverse the ugly situation,” he said.

He denied that the raid conducted by officers of the drug regulatory body was meant to put people out of job and create unnecessary panic in the system.

Esumobi said the clarification over the allegation that the body was becoming too coercive became imperative in view of the protest staged against the closure of some medicine shops by Association of Drug Dealers in Ado-Ekiti last Thursday.

He said: “It surprised me that people had to protest in that manner and number. It shows that it was a premeditated action. We are not out to make life difficult for them, but to ensure compliance to simple rules. As a regulatory body, we cannot allow the sale of drugs that can kill innocent people.

“It is bad that Nigeria is a society where people don’t do research or take statistics about happenings. We have not asked about the cause of increasing kidney failure in Nigeria. We learnt that some pharmacists are compromising with them and whoever caught will be deregistered,” he warned. (NationaMirror)

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