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Rain of Peace In Nigeria

This is the way God send the rain peace to a country. You can try to use yourself as the instrument of the peace. God cannot decline your past because it is inside your destiny in fourth days. Try to use yourself for the instrument of the peace.

If you are the one that God used as the leader of your country don’t forget your destiny of fourth days which has been made by God when you are inside your mother’s womb. Is out of your destiny people can remove and replace you. In any position you found yourself, don’t forget your destiny, you can work for it and you can think of it.
This is the first instrument of Nigeria destiny. This year we can handled war,poverty and corruption in the society. I know that we can succeed in Nigeria in any condition we are.

Look at the generation of (king Surikolilani) when king Surikolilani was alive he control all the world in his own generation. As at that time God cannot use anybody expect the king to control the world because king Surikolilani can remember his name, he can control himself out of corruption because of his name.

So everything is going smoothly but there is one war in his destiny that he didn’t know but as someone that God want to use to control all the world. God told him through his dream that you will face one war and you will end it that was the First Boko Harm war, the meaning of Boko Harm I will tell you later.

This boko harm people was called (Maitasina) in Kano State. They lived inside the stone during the time of our past leader. At that time Nigeria end the maitasina war in kano state.

Let look at the power that God give king Surikolilani to fight and end the war.
God give him four power but out of that four I will tell you three:
Firstly,God give him fearness in his body.
Secondly,God give him light star
Thirdly,God show him how to throw darkness to his enemy.
My people in Nigeria let belief that destiny can never be change if its Good but it can be change if its bad.

The former president of Nigeria Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babagida, Goodluck Jonthan and the former president Alhaji Sheiu Shagari and elder people says in proverb that (if a young ones fall down he/she will look at the front but if an elder person fall down he/she we look at the back) let forget about the party name now, all of you is the father of Nigeria let work and put hands together with president Mohammadu Buhari to settle Nigeria like one nation.

By Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou command for Muslims and Alfas in Ekiti. For more information call me on:+2348038348873 or +2348052084194. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

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