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READ THIS! Nigeria is Pregnant of Words

A true word and law without cheating can transmit Nigeria into good with many reasons.
How can you use yourself as a good instrument?

As God said thinking for an hour is better than worship in a year without any thinking. If you think well, you will know that four years in post/service should not tarnish you personality.

We can’t bear a name without a meaning. There was a man, he was a king God give him chance to control the
nation. The king’s name is (king Surikonileni) which means someone who have two horns on his head.
Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou
One day the king head was full with hair, he called someone to help him cut it, he tell the person to promise him that if he saw anything on his head, he will not tell anybody, that the day he tell someone he will die, then he promised.

When the man open his crown and he saw two horn then he started thinking of it. He is thinking that the king of the
nation has two horn on his head so the pregnancy word start to germinate.

The people start thinking that how can a man be pregnant. He run inside the bush and he dig a hole, he put his mouth inside it and he begin to say what he saw on the king’s head into the hole, all the people outside start hearing what he’s saying. Since that day if you do any secret thing in this world and you think you have kept it, it is a lie because there is no secret keeper.

If you didn’t forget yesterday, you cannot grow today. My people think critically before you do anything. Surrender yourself to God.

From Osupaadini the Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou.
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