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AD:- How Men Can Last longer in Bed

Product Description Aichun Beauty long-Lasting Erection Gel For Men will help you enjoy sex better and for longer. It has been formulated in a way that will enable men with sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation has longer sexual intercourse. It works by desensitizing the sensitive part of the penis when …

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Life Hacks for Apartment

Show me the person who doesn't want to have some extra space in their home for their favorite things without spending huge sums on renovations. In order to help you, we’d like to offer you these 5 simple life hacks that won`t take lots of money.

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Equal Right

My people in ekiti let us support governor fayose to encourage the next governor in ekiti. Sponsored by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou Ahlaji Osupaadini (The Commander of Muslims and Alfas in Ekiti).

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Rain of Peace In Nigeria

This is the way God send the rain peace to a country. You can try to use yourself as the instrument of the peace. God cannot decline your past because it is inside your destiny in fourth days. Try to use yourself for the instrument of the peace.

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Corruption in lslam Part 2

This Post was written by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou (Osupa Adinni). Tel:- 08038348873 Too much of love turn to Corruption. Don’t corrupt yourself because of your country or because of your state. lf you think well you cannot corrupt yourself because of your religion lf you are in any position …

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Corruption in Islam Part 1

They use the name of Alfa and Imam to prove them self as a leader. Is not like that if you call yourself a leader. You are a leader of your own society. As prophet Adam prove himself as (Mr nobody). Allah give him the booklet of all the prophet. When prophet Adam was about to die there was no other prophet at that time......

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! It’s Yakata Sales

The 2015 edition of Konga.com’s highly anticipated annual sale, Yakata is just around the corner. Yakata is konga’s version of the global Black Friday sales; only it’s even better. This year, konga promises that the Yakata sales will feature mind blowing discounts across ALL product categories on

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Introducing Affordable 4G Internet Connection

INTRODUCING AFFORDABLE 4G INTERNET CONNECTION Smile delivers affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use broadband internet access and communications services to its customers across Nigeria and Africa. Smile was founded in 2007, Smile sources the best technology available in order to create the innovative solutions required to provide world-class, yet cost-effective, communications services …

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