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(SPONSORED)- Meaning of Prayer and Healing

A lot of people agree with prayer, some people disagree with healing. I want to tell you that prayer and healing work together. In my profile I wrote healing centre while in another one I wrote prayer centre. Find a solution to your problem through healing and prayer. Did you people believe in God,but truly God can solve your problem, but I want you to know that God will send someone to you to solve it.Prayer is just like an objective while healing is just theory because healing have many material. It is like somebody that has injury, you can’t tell me that prayer can heal the injury except you put some thing in the wound before it can be heal. But the prayer can let you know the through way that when you get there all your problem will be solved.Look at prophet Jacob, He has an injury he started praying time to time, day and night The wound did not have any changes. One day the lord sent an angel – Gabriel to him that the only way for his wound to be heal is to cut out of camel skin and put it in the wound then he get heal.That is why all his son make camel a symbols for themselves. But there father(Jacob) did not make it symbols for himself. So come and get the key to your prayer and solution to your problem .
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Don’t cry again. Did you believe that a lot of prophet survive and get a way to God with true way and clean mind.
Is it possible for angel to became the enemy of prophet YES/NO so who are you today that you think you are a man of people,that you think you are the most popular in your city,that think you are the sunshine of your city without the help of prayer and healing of the point of protector. Did you have a point of protector?if you have so listening and think of through way,stop crying.
“You remember one book” that everybody refuse the name of the book is(seven book of moses)some people think that the book is from the hand of moses. I want to tell you is not from the head of moses and is not from the hand of God. That is why am telling you that the enemy of prophet is angel . Do you understand what am saying.
There is different between the angel and devil. As you listen you we know the fact of the words.
The seven book of moses is longitical power by the hand of two angel and one evil spirit and one son of adams. They arrange it to spoil the wealth of king solomon the(evil spirit is asifu ibuni bariaya). aisfu ibuni bariaya is one of the big imam. He is the one that king solomon sent to carry the bed of the queen of sabai.when king Solomon dealth the four of them wrote the book and put it under king solomon use spirit power for his wealth. So you can heal yourself through the way of prayer and healing,apart from four people arrangement which is”the seven book of Moses”as you said. All my people,no more cry for you because your problem will be solve through the man of God.For more information call my number 0803834873,08052084194.

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