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This is the Fact by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou

This is the Fact by Ekiti State Amiru Ulamou
12552699_176791796009618_8984171117553032055_nBefore Governor Ayodele Fayose became Ekiti state governor, I see the movement of Islam in the state, Islamic is like a political system. There is propaganda between the government and the Muslims in the state.

I wrote a letter to the chief of staff in Ekiti, Hon Yemi Adaramodu on the 11\03\14 but he did not allowed me to see the governor. I wrote another letter to the same office dated 24\4\14 he stamped the letter on 26\4\14 I was not allowed to see the governor again. He said that governor does not allow any Islamic leader in the state to see him unless those that are doing political propaganda among the Muslims.

I called him on phone but he refuse to pick my call. I now wrote a serious letter that am i a beggar? Later the chief of staff said the governor said that he was sending about 50 people to mecca every year.

As my position as one of the spiritual father in Nigeria and Ekiti State “Amiru Ulamou”, I came to search for the next governor in the state, in my research, I came to know that Fayose will be the next governor of the state. After that I met with the three royal father in the state and I told them that Dr Peter Ayodele Fayose will be the next governor of the Ekiti. Two of them agreed with me while the remaining one person disagree started to shout and bragado that it is not in this state again.

But I told him that it is real that Dr Peter Ayodele is the God chosen one. At the end of the battle he regret. That’s the reason you see the Ekiti state Amiru Ulamou which is normally called Alhaji Osupa Adini Sanusi on field on the day of inauguration of governor Ayodele Fayose. Where have you being in the state since 2013 and 2014. I am saying governor Fayose is the God chosen one for Ekiti and his people. Political appointment is for the politician that work for it and it is a chance, the Governor can give anybody he like. The Muslim and the Christian have a chance in the government. You refuse others that’s why we have no chance in the government. Its not too late let’s think together. The Ekiti state Amiru Ulamou Alhaji Osupa Adini Abdul Rahmon Sanusi appeal to the state government to reconsider. I am appealing to the government as my post in the state and Nigeria in General. Thanks.

-Wriiten by -The Ekiti state Amiru Ulamou, Alhaji Osupa Adini Abdul Rahmon Sanusi, Tel: 08038348873
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