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Why NAPMED Protest in Ado Ekiti

Why NAPMED Protest in Ado Ekiti
Members of the association were protesting alleged extortion and incessant closure of their shops by the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) and other government regulatory organs.

While addressing them, the Deputy Speaker of the House, Honourable Segun Adewumi, gave the assurance that the Assembly would ensure that all their shops that had been put under locks would be opened immediately, while a long-term
strategy of convening meeting of relevant
stakeholders would also be adopted to settle the matter.

“We are in support of your peaceful protest. With your job, you contribute to the economy of the state. We, as a House, don’t like people to work like elephant and feed like a mouse. We will not permit anybody or organ to trample on your rights.

“We assure you that all your shops that have been shut will be opened. We will talk with the PSN and representatives of NAPMED.

You all work together. They make the drugs, while you sell them. Your relationship is symbiotic. You gain from them, they gain from you.

“But they will not trample on you rights while we look the other way, and we will not want you too to go beyond your boundary.

The upward review of your registration fee will be looked into. You
also complained that they issue you papers in the name of certificates; that too will be looked into,”

Honourable Adewumi pledged.
The lawmaker, however, appealed to the
protesters to be vigilant and not permit political thugs to hijack the peaceful protest to use it as a vehicle to cause confusion and disrupt the peace of the state.

“Please, don’t allow political thugs to hide under this peaceful protest to cause confusion and disturb peace. We, as a government, assure you that all your shops will be opened,” he said.

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