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Young Democratic Party Called for Cancellation of Ekiti Local Govt Election

The Young Democratic Party (YDP) has called for the cancellation of the last local government council election in Ekiti State, describing the conduct of the poll as ‘illegal’.

National Secretary of the party, Mr. Bolaji Oni, while addressing a press conference in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Tuesday, complained that the name of the party was excluded on the ballot papers.

He lamented that the party’s name and logo were deliberately excluded from the ballot paper by the Ekiti State Independent Electoral Commission.

According to him, “It was with great shock and embarrassment that we found out through thousands of our members and followers on the morning of the election day that our party’s name and logo were excluded on the ballot paper.”

“For the record, the state electoral commission conducted the poll in the 16 councils of the state on December 23, 2017 and all the seats were won by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state,” he added.

He stated that the YDP had 8 councillorship and one chairmanship candidates but they were disenfranchised from being voted for.

His words “YDP showed intent and obtained forms EKSCF 001, 002, 003 and 004 and submitted same to the commission for the just concluded local government elections, in line with the guidelines and timetable published by the commission.

“Our candidates were screened in their office and no form of communication was made to us or our candidates notifying that we would be excluded and the reason(s) for the exclusion.

“It took a lot to calm our members and followers down, because they felt they are being deprived of their rights and ready to exercise their grievances there and then if not for God and the Party’s State Executive’s quick intervention,” he added.

The party chieftain revealed that the party had petitioned the Resident Commissioner of Ekiti State Electoral Commission as a pre-action notice, threatening that YDP would resort to litigation if the demand was not heeded to.

“We hereby demand for the reason(s) behind this unscrupulous, unethical and villainous act of the commission. The petition also serves as pre-action notice,” he added.

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